How did Indusfood 2024 redefine the global F&B industry landscape?

How did Indusfood 2024 redefine the global F&B industry landscape?

Indusfood 2024, held from January 8th to 10th, marked a significant milestone in the global Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. As the seventh edition of South Asia’s largest integrated F&B trade show, it redefined the industry landscape in several key areas. Let’s talk about how Indusfood 2024 impacted the global F&B industry, focusing on four main aspects: industry expansion and diversity, international collaboration, technology and innovation, and the focus on health and sustainability.

IndusFood, hosted every year by the Trade Promotion Council of India and backed by the Department of Commerce, has really come into its own as a top-tier expo for the global food and beverage industry. This year's event was a standout compared to 2023 - it saw twice the number of visitors! There was a remarkable jump in international buyers, from 600 to a whopping 1,200. Not to mention, foreign exhibitors also saw a significant increase, attracting over 2,000 buyers. The expo itself spread out over an impressive 60,000 square meters of exhibition space. A notable highlight was the participation of over 5,000 domestic buyers, which included big names from retail chains, online marketplaces, and food tech companies. This really goes to show how much the event's influence has grown.

Expansion and Diversity in the F&B Industry

Indusfood 2024 showcased an unprecedented variety of exhibitors and products, ranging from traditional staples to innovative new offerings. The expo featured special pavilions dedicated to Food Processing Machinery, Vegan and Health products, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Horticulture), as well as Wine & Spirits. This diverse range of products attracted a global audience, bringing together buyers and sellers from over 90 countries. The expo's expansion to include such a wide array of products and services illustrated the growing diversity and complexity of the global F&B market.

Fostering International Collaboration

A hallmark of Indusfood 2024 was its role in facilitating international trade and collaboration. For the first time in its history, the event welcomed international exhibitors, signaling a major shift in global trade dynamics. This move not only promoted Indian F&B products on the global stage but also created a platform for international brands to enter the South Asian market. The show included various bilateral and multilateral B2B sessions and knowledge-sharing platforms, highlighting its commitment to fostering international partnerships.

Emphasis on Technology and Innovation

Indusfood 2024 placed a strong emphasis on showcasing new brands and technologies. The event served as a comprehensive marketplace for the latest in F&B processing and packaging technology. This focus on innovation was not only evident in the products displayed but also in the event's infrastructure, which utilized tech-infused tools and services to facilitate smarter connections between exhibitors and buyers. Such advancements are critical in an industry that increasingly relies on technology for efficiency and sustainability.

Focus on Health and Sustainability

Reflecting global trends, Indusfood 2024 highlighted the importance of health and sustainability in the F&B industry. The inclusion of a special pavilion for Vegan and Health products underscored the growing consumer demand for healthier food options and sustainable practices. Additionally, the expo showcased organic and health foods, aligning with the global shift towards more conscious consumption patterns. This focus not only catered to current market trends but also set the tone for the future direction of the industry.

Awards and recognitions

At Indusfood 2024, the F&B industry's innovation and craftsmanship were celebrated through various awards. One of the highlights was the inaugural IndusFood Innovation Awards 2024, which honored India's top F&B products. This award recognized products that stood out for their innovative qualities and contribution to redefining the culinary landscape. Several companies were recognized for their innovative contributions to the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. The recipients of the Indusfood Innovation Awards included Senso Foods Pvt Ltd, which won for its Beetroot Vegan Latte.

Future of Indian Food exports

Indian frozen snacks like samosas are making a big splash internationally, especially in Europe. This was clear from the enthusiastic feedback during a recent conference call with European chefs. These snacks, along with certain breads that can last up to 24 months, are becoming quite popular in Europe. Mohit Singla points out that this trend could be a game-changer for India's food export business.

There's a growing excitement worldwide about Indian food and drinks. From innovative creations like the award-winning beetroot vegan latte to the rising popularity of traditional ingredients like millets and makhana, Indian cuisine is making a lasting impression globally. The success stories shared at IndusFood 2024 and the industry's promising direction show that Indian culinary delights are not just a hit domestically but are also breaking new ground internationally.

In conclusion, Indusfood 2024 redefined the global F&B industry landscape by expanding its scope, fostering international collaboration, emphasizing technology and innovation, and aligning with health and sustainability trends. Its impact is likely to resonate across the global F&B sector, shaping the industry's future growth and development.