Vertex Ventures Achieves First Close of $900 Million for Master Fund III

Vertex Ventures Achieves First Close of $900 Million for Master Fund III


Singapore based venture capital firm Vertex Ventures, a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings has reached a significant milestone with the first close of its latest fund, Vertex Master Fund III. The fund has a target corpus of $1 billion and managed to secure approx $900 million during its initial round, which concluded at the end of June.

Vertex Ventures has established itself as a prominent investor in the Indian startup ecosystem culture after supporting several successful companies such as Licious, Firstcry, XpressBees, Grab, Kissht and Kuku FM. Through investments in these startups, Vertex Ventures has demonstrated its commitment for innovation and driving growth in the region.

The success of Vertex Master Fund III's first close highlights the firm's abilities to attract significant capital from investors, underscoring their confidence in the fund's potential. The fund aims to support promising startups in various sectors that includes technology, e-commerce and fintech, enabling them to scale their operations and realize their ambitious visions.

In addition to the Master Fund III, Vertex Ventures is reportedly engaged in discussions to raise another fund dedicated to India and Southeast Asia, known as India and SEA Fund V. The proposed fund aims to raise $500 million and would further strengthen Vertex Ventures position as a sharp ninja in the venture capital landscape across the region.

Vertex Ventures success in fundraising can be attributed to its strong track record and the trust it has built among investors. The firm's expertise in finding out and nurturing high potential startups has created impressive returns, generating confidence and attracting capital from both institutional and individual investors.

Vertex Ventures continues to expand its investment activities, the firm remains dedicated to supporting innovative entrepreneurs and contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem in India and Southeast Asia. With the first close of Master Fund III and ongoing efforts to establish India and SEA Fund V, Vertex Ventures is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship in the region.