OYO to Add 500 Hotels for Men's Cricket World Cup in India

OYO to Add 500 Hotels for Men's Cricket World Cup in India

Hospitality tech based platform OYO has announced its plan to add 500 new hotels in the host cities of the upcoming men's cricket world cup in India. These hotels will be located near the stadiums that will ensure ease of access for cricket fans traveling from around the world. 

The move aims to meet the anticipated increase in booking demand during the tournament. In a statement, OYO emphasized its commitment to providing comfortable and affordable accommodation options for fans who are traveling long distances to support their favorite teams.

Meanwhile, Online travel services provider MakeMyTrip has launched a program to cater to the surge in demand for accommodation during the men's cricket world cup. Residents in the host cities are encouraged to list their properties on MakeMyTrip's platform, offering homestay options for cricket enthusiasts. 

Company has observed a significant increase in searches for homestays in select cities across the nation that is indicating a growing interest among fans in exploring alternative accommodation options. To assist fans in their booking process, MakeMyTrip has introduced a new feature highlighting the distance of accommodations from the cricket stadiums.

With the addition of new hotels by OYO and the availability of homestays through MakeMyTrip, cricket fans can now find a range of comfortable and convenient accommodation options for their upcoming trip to witness the excitement of the men's cricket world cup.