Agrifood Tech Investor Omnivore Raises $150 Million in Oversubscribed First Round of Funding for Third Fund

Agrifood Tech Investor Omnivore Raises $150 Million in Oversubscribed First Round of Funding for Third Fund

Agrifood tech investor Omnivore has closed the first round of funding for its anticipated third fund after securing an impressive $150 million. The round which was oversubscribed attracted a diverse group of investors including institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals that highlights the growing interest in agrifood tech.

Omnivore's third fund is designed to support innovative startups in the agrifood sector. The additional capital will enable Omnivore to provide substantial support to companies revolutionizing agriculture and the food industry. These startups are leveraging advanced technologies and business models to advance precision agriculture, optimize farm management, streamline supplies and develop sustainable food solutions.

Mark Kahn, Managing Partner at Omnivore, expressed his excitement about the successful funding round. He said, "We are thrilled as we have seen overwhelming support from investors in this first round of funding for our third fund. This significant oversubscription demonstrates the increasing interest and confidence in agrifood technologies. We look forward to utilizing this capital to back exceptional entrepreneurs and drive positive change in the global agrifood industries."

Omnivore has a proven track record of finding out and nurturing agrifood startups. Their strategic approach combined with deep sector expertise and a strong network has enabled them to get a vital role in shaping the future of agrifood. Previous investments in companies such as AgNext, DeHaat and Clover highlight Omnivore's abilities to discover high potential ventures.

The successful funding round positions Omnivore for further growth and impact. With a robust pipeline of potential investments, given fund will time to time seek out startups that have the potential to transform the agrifood landscape and contribute to building a sustainable global food system.

As Omnivore is using the raised capital their focus remains on empowering entrepreneurs and driving innovation across the entire agrifood value chain from farm to fork.