This Women’s Day, Studio SeeSa advocates for age inclusive fashion

This Women’s Day, Studio SeeSa advocates for age inclusive fashion

Source of the Photo - Agencies.

Fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression that encompasses the aspect of gender, race, and nationality. While it is true that more designers are taking a leap towards building a socially and environmentally responsible brand with more and more inclusivity in the runways, there is one factor we seem to have left out collectively. Women over their fifties. Women who are as invested in their personal style as anyone else. This Women’s Day, SeeSa takes a step to change the narrative. They start the conversation with women in their mid-fifties who are breaking the glass ceiling in their personal and professional lives to understand their take on fashion. 

Sudha Setty, Founder at Melyoura, was asked about her thoughts on the fashion landscape in India for women over their fifties, and if she feels clothing options have become restricted as she grew older. She said, “I do not think there is really a choice for women over their fifties to say this brand caters to my need. I just must rummage through everything that is for everybody and see what I like. Or I must go and get it custom-made.” According to her there are three requirements, “formal work-wear, casual wear, and because I travel a lot, I would love to have a collection that blends in with International trends.”

Vidya Kumar, Co-Founder and Former Director at Cloudnine Hospitals revealed her fashion mantra. She said, “I am going to look this way maximum for another ten to fifteen years, so let me make the most of it. I do not hesitate in buying anything I want to. For me it is more about the fit of the garment that takes priority.” She also feels that, “Fashion in India for women-over-fifties is also restrictive size-wise and I would love to see more options for women who are not the perfect size. I would love to see cool and trendy designs for my age.”

Uma Sudhindra, Board of Governors at IIM Visakhapatnam and Managing Partner at Go Magic Trails was asked if she feels that while women over their fifties have a higher purchasing power, they are neglected in the industry. She said, “Definitely. Especially career women who are earning their own money have the purchasing power. They are also more aware of what styles they want to bring into their wardrobe.” She also added, “We need materials that make you feel comfortable and make you look good, that add to your confidence. In terms of what women should start looking at is to just get out there and experiment, talk to the designer about what you are comfortable with and I am sure you will have a wardrobe that can be anybody’s envy.” 

It is important to give credit where it is due. And for the fashion industry, that would essentially mean to turn their gaze towards women who have served as our inspiration growing up. The first generation of career-women in India who paved the way for millions to follow. While the women from diversified professions sat together for the Women’s Day celebration at SeeSa’s studio in Bangalore, there was one thing they had in common. It was their keenness to experiment with fashion, to don bright and vibrant colours, pick trendy co-ord sets, they talked about wearing headgears while sipping on tea and eating cupcakes. It strengthened our believe that in the coming years, we will be seeing lots of development in fashion available for older women, because it is a movement that they are eager to kickstart. 

With their collections, SeeSa aims at providing designer-wear styles that are appropriate for all ages. Fashion is age-inclusive and this Women’s Day, Seesa advocates for better fashion for women over their fifties. Their new Resort Wear collection showcases dresses, kaftans, co-ord sets in a plethora of vibrant colours. The collection can be shopped in multi-designer stores across India and Dubai at Aza Fashions, Collage Dubai, Almari Hyderabad, among others. They have also established a strong presence in e-commerce platforms such as Nykaa Fashions and Ogaan Market and at Seesa.