Chef Vidushi Sharma's love of food and travel reflects her expertise as a chef

Chef Vidushi Sharma's love of food and travel reflects her expertise as a chef

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A gourmand & a globetrotter by nature, Vidushi has an evolved palette of experiences along with comprehensive culinary knowledge, a strong aesthetic sense, & a sharp perspective. Her love for travelling & exploring new cuisines has taken her places; factually to say, over 250 cities across the world but impactful enough, when you weigh down the richness of the experiences, the cultural cognizance, & the flavors she’s gathered on her taste buds.

Where for most chefs the journey starts very young; it’s a passion for most people who become a part of this industry from a very early age and for Vidushi, it wasn’t different. Donning her mom’s apron as a child turned out to be a foreshadowing of her calling for the sweeter side of things. Coming from a family of foodies and observing her mother playing around with recipes from a myriad of cookbooks in the 90s brought alive the spark in her and after reading history in college, Le Cordon Bleu London became a dream to attend. It was the culinary school where she wholeheartedly took to this calling and it became clear that it was the path for her.

In the frame - Chef Vidushi Sharma

We caught up with her recently to discuss her passion for food and travel.

1. Please share with us the highlights of your chosen profession as a chef and leisure traveler…

I’m a chef by profession and a traveler by heart! I can’t deny that my exposure to different cultures, their palettes and flavors does help me fuel my creative side as a chef.

2. Do you believe that your frequent travel to various parts of the world aids in your development as a chef? How?

Absolutely! Just deciding what goes into making a great dish and seeing how ingredients are treated differently in varied cultures helps you ideate so much as a chef, at the end of the day - its art on a plate and inspiration can strike anywhere! I would suggest everyone who’s keen on following this profession to travel and expose their taste buds and senses to as many new experiences as possible. It doesn’t have to always come with a hefty price tag of a flight ticket; one can start by exploring their own indigenous flavors.

3. How do you balance traveling and working?

It’s not as much of a balance as a craving to get out every once in a while. Of course work takes precedent but whenever my schedule allows I research and plan my gastronomical trips accordingly. 

4. In terms of the culinary world, who inspires you?

Anyone who’s had the guts to follow their passion and join this industry is an inspiration for me! Recently I met Chef Gary Mehigan when he was here and his tidbits were extremely inspirational! 

5. Do you have a list of cities you'd like to visit in 2023? Why?

My list is practically endless but this year I’d love to make sure I go to Japan to collect insights on new ramen trends, Paris for Pastry and Goa because the food scene there is just blowing up in the best way possible for the Indian F&B industry.

6. Do you go shopping while traveling? What is the most peculiar souvenir you have ever acquired?

I have a fetish for crockery and liqueurs so; I do end up checking places around me for those. I think dried Reindeer meat has to be the weirdest thing I bought from Finland.

7. What are some of your signature dishes as a chef? And which cuisine you prefer?

Being a pastry chef that runs a ramen shop, I would say my Spicy Tori Paitan Ramen and Champagne truffles are a close tie.

8. What is a single ingredient you enjoy using in the kitchen?

I love pairing savory ingredients with chocolate.