Bambai- Multi-Cultural Cuisine Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind experience for all Mumbai foodies

Bambai- Multi-Cultural Cuisine Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind experience for all Mumbai foodies


At the restaurant "Bambai", the many different culinary influences of Mumbai are all combined on one plate. For the first time ever, Chef Anees Khan and Chef Ritesh Tulsian, who each have distinct culinary specialties, have collaborated to create mouthwatering dishes all under one roof.. As we are all aware, Mumbai and its environs are home to a wide variety of cultures. Travelling around the city, the chefs were inspired by the various cuisines that can be found in Mumbai itself. Every curation has a moral at its core.

The eatery, which is situated in Juhu, aims to provide residents of other parts of the city with a variety of local dishes in addition to the city's famous chaats. Both Mumbai-based chefs Anees Khan and Ritesh Tulsian have experimented with a wide range of foods and flavors. The chefs were motivated by this to create a setting that would allow him to showcase the flavors he had chosen all under one roof. In addition to being a consultant chef, Chef Ritesh has developed a number of Iranian dishes that enhance the traditional elements of Mumbai's Iranian cuisine, which are still well-liked in southern Mumbai.In Ulhasnagar, the chefs are ready to open Bambai’s second outlet.. This outlet will have about 50 seats, which is double the number of seats at the Juhu location.

According to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2022, consumers have an "unquestionable appetite" to learn about various culinary traditions and cuisines. As more and more Indians travel abroad to sample new cuisines, India is quickly developing into a destination for culinary tourism. Ritesh Tulsian and Anees Khan, who put together Bambai in Juhu Tara Road after nearly six months of market research, are undoubtedly pleased with the report.

Bambai, which made its debut in August 2022, combines the cuisine of the various ethnic groups and cultures that Mumbai is said to represent. Tulsian and I had a discussion about it."Many people from different parts of the world visited Mumbai at different times, stayed there, and made it their home. In Mumbai, people of all ethnicities and cuisines are welcome. However, the younger generation is less acquainted with this past. Bambai is an effort, according to Tulsian, the restaurant's co-founder, to bring these various cuisines of Mumbai under one roof.Every area of the city has its own food culture, he said, referring to the Bohra Muslim, Marwari, Parsi, Iranian, and Kutchi Sindhi settlements in the city.

Additionally, keema pavs or the flavour of real pav bhaji were known to the city's younger residents. According to Tulsian, Bambai tried to serve food in its most genuine and unaltered form.We didn't try to change the taste; rather, we changed the presentation to make it more appealing to people of all ages, said Tulsian. He had consulted for several city-wide restaurant brands, so he knew that concepts by themselves won't be very successful unless the food is outstanding.