A dietary guide Toneop is a new app that will help you plan your diet

A dietary guide Toneop is a new app that will help you plan your diet

No more worrying about keeping track of your dietary plans; TONEOP, a dietary guide, was recently launched in India to keep track of the best diets for each body type. Seasonal diets, medical diets, diets based on your gym schedule, and more are all available. The app is unique in that it instructs users on how and when to follow their diet. This app tracks the results of one's consistency and shows how close one is to achieving their desired health.

With the TONEOP app, users can receive diet plans as per their dietary preferences and medical conditions. TONEOP provides you with a daily log of your nutrition and even creates an overview of your macronutrients, to ensure you meet your goals. Furthermore, with TONEOP, you know exactly the areas of improvement and concern by tracking your calories, BMI, water intake, and/or sleep durations. 

Parth Bansal, Founder, TONEOP, quotes, “TONEOP is the new way to reform how India thinks about health and nutrition. It is the initiative to change the way the world thinks of fitness. The true digital solution for all your well-being needs, we strive to make this mobile application effective and act as your personal coach.”

As a healthtech application, TONEOP offers diet plans as per medical conditions, food intolerance; weight loss and weight gain goals. “Being a woman and mother brings so many responsibilities that personal health becomes the last thing to look after. I gained extra weight due to menopause & hormonal imbalance. With hypothyroidism, managing weight became more difficult. The regional diet plans helped to choose from the easily available meal options. In just 3 months I lost 10 kg. I am impressed by how finely everything is taken care of by TONEOP,” says Sangeeta Panchal, one of the many users and clients of the app. 

Diet can be much easier with the taste of homemade food. The app guides the user through the Region-Based diet plans with the magic of an authentic Indian taste palette customised according to their needs.