Fit India Conclave marks 5th successful year

Fit India Conclave marks 5th successful year

The Fit India Conclave, organised by MedScapeIndia and its creator and mother Dr. Sunita Dube, will take place in honour of Doctors Day. On this Doctor's Day, Fit India Conclave celebrates its fifth anniversary. The main goal of this conclave was to work on various medical issues and to raise awareness about healthcare and medical facilities. Volunteers of Fit India movement worked tirelessly in various states to keep the flame on this movement. 

Since 2015, Dr.Sunita  and her team had been working on this plan, And in the same year she publicly announced and launched the program for people,To encourage and motivate people, MedScapeIndia  released Doctor's Anthem, which received a tremendous response from the general public as well as the medical industry.

Dr.Sunita Dube says “ we are constantly at work to bring much more plans of action for better healthcare in India not only in urban but in rural areas also”.

Since the country was facing a massive pandemic, Medscapeindia launched a number of initiatives this year. During the difficult times, Dr.Sunita and her team made many firm decisions and worked beyond their limits.Following that, her organisation recently established the Fit Maharashtra Movement with all dignitaries. This movement was introduced by the Balloon Festival at Gateway of India in mumbai, Since all the dignitaries released balloons with all the attendees, and it was noted as a very wonderful start for the initiative.

MedscapeIndia has also brought many revolution and innovations in medical industries for the welfare of people, With the same passion and enthusiasm, This year MedScapeIndia is going to conduct  the fIt India conclave on the auspicious Doctor Day .Many dignitaries are invited as well as all the renowned doctors are on board for the constructive discussion . This program will bring positivity as it is the first unique programme with people of Kashmir along with the Doctors from MedscapeIndia. This event can be a game changer in the current turbulent phase of the State. The balloon release for peace in Kashmir on Doctors Day will bring Positivity & the message of unity & peace could be conveyed to the entire globe.

MedscapeIndia has expanded its activities to Kashmir this year and has been a pioneer to be the bridge of cooperation in the state. The organisation is working on a plan to provide  medical assistance to the poor and needy people in Kashmir. It is a collaborative effort by doctors from Maharashtra and other states to strengthen the medical structure in the valley.

This Hybrid event is being carried out by MedscapeIndia teams from Australia, Mumbai, Delhi, and Srinagar. The Program will include the panel discussions on major topics from  Healthcare sectors which includes  some of the burning global health empowerment issues, Importance of Fitness, Mental Health, Innovation & Technology and Preventive measures for the diseases, Planning for the screening, Setting up Medical camps for needy, Healthcare startups Awards etc. Doctor's day is an auspicious day of our organisation as it marks our 16th foundation day & completing 8 years of Fit India Movement & other activities. MedScapeIndia is extremely thankful for the receiving all the cooperation from people this inspires the organisation to work more for the welfare of the nation in medical terms so lets celebrate this doctors day and mark many more successful years of Fit India Conclave.