Web3 startup, Bitliberte is raising 1.76m to boost FashionFi ecosystem

Web3 startup, Bitliberte is raising 1.76m to boost FashionFi ecosystem

Blockchain technology has been innovating from time to time at a breakneck speed from the introduction of Bitcoin to the latest trend of metaverse, NFTs, and P2E platforms.

The majority of innovations in Crypto industry have been in the virtual space while there is a huge demand for solving some real-world problems using this transparent and immutable technology.

In recent months, many luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, have taken a leap into the Crypto world with their NFT collections. This has given rise to a concept called FashionFi.

Leading the way in this new industry, Bitliberte, a DAO-based ecosystem of exclusive NFTs, fashion products, and metaverse assets, with physical outlets aims to bridge the gap between Fashion and Finance world using NFTs and DAO. This allows consumers to become fractional owners in a global network of companies, thereby revolutionizing the fashion industry for the common masses.

Conceptualized by a team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals in the crypto space, Bitliberte boasts of over 20 partnerships with VCs and launchpads in a short span of a few months.

Bitliberte is raising 1.76m USD to build a fully-fledged FashionFi ecosystem. This India-based Web3 startup will use the capital to acquire more users, hire more people for significant roles and help in the transition of consumers from Web2 to Web3 with their smooth platform.

“Giving power in the hands of consumers through a governance portal and enabling users to fractionally own fashion products and outlets is the main goal of our protocol." said Bitliberte CEO and Founder Vaibhav Seth”

As a Web3 startup, They are simplifying user-onboarding with a platform having good easy-to-use features with simple UI to introduce a billion people to the concept of Ownership Economy eventually making it a part of their daily lives.