Meet Partha Biswas a talented musician

Meet Partha Biswas a talented musician

The Indian music industry is massive, and breaking into it is at the top of every singer’s dream. Every year, we see a rush of new young artists putting their utmost effort into carving their footprints in the world of singing. However, not all of them are handed the golden ticket to fame and prosperity. Only a few are able to make a space in the hearts of a million people and become household names.

Partha Biswas is one such talented singer who is making a name for himself in the music world. He not only makes hearts swoon with his striking compositions & incredible voice but also encourages millions of others to rise and fight for their dreams. He first sang in school a few lines in front of his classmates and was then selected in the school singing group for prayer songs. He never learned music from anyone but his hearing memory and understanding of the rhythm, tempo, and feel are extraordinary.

Indian singer-songwriter and musician, Partha Biswas has done all of these and various styles of work like “moner pakhi sagor”, additionally considered one among her soothing singles through his production company, which won recognition on Youtube and Social Media. Partha now appears to be getting reward for his songs from Hollywood and Bollywood Folks on Instagram.Now his trendy of compositions and Bollywood cover mashups and more. He is presently running on a number of stus all of the time but that hasn’t constantly been the case for Partha.

Partha Biswas was born born into a middle class family and in his own circle of relatives in Krishnagar, India in a non-movie background. His mother and father to no longer pursuing music, but his ardour and consequently the aection of his overdue grandmother leads him to attempt to be a Musician as a Singer and Music Composer. Now at 24, He is Enjoying his Freedom and Musical Life through his Journey. He considers Arijit Singh his ideal and still gets inspired by his confidence while performing live. He believes that working with passion is the key to success.

He believes, “Mountains have peaks and lows, and a singer’s journey is alike. One day you might feel the warmth of success, and another day, you might suffer from the freeze of failure, but this is what life is.” Real Artists are born once in a lifetime. They face many obstacles to following their dreams but their inner love for music doesn’t let them sit at one place.