Bangalore based Startup - Ketan Diamonds Is bringing exclusive Jewellery at Your Doorstep

Bangalore based Startup - Ketan Diamonds Is bringing exclusive Jewellery at Your Doorstep

The diamond collection is the dream of every woman and that has been formulated into a picture by Supriya Sampath. Thus, this startup is disrupting the jewellery industry. Ketan diamonds is the fastest growing platform in usability terms. 

Jewellery is an ornament that is adorned by every woman. It adds exclusive beauty to everyone who wears it. Diamond is the most expensive jewel in the world and is mostly worn in jewellery. 


Evolution of Ketan Diamond 

Love for Ketan Diamonds started long back for Supriya and her flawless ability to design and evaluate the minute details of the diamonds had paved the path for the future. 

Founded by Mrs Supriya Sampath is the visionary woman behind the concept of Ketan Diamonds. The company  is also bringing out new trendy designer jewelry collections and adding more gold jewelry based on customer's demand in our new line of products.


Making Buy Online and Offline 

Nowadays, shopping is one area that is influenced by digitalisation a lot. More and more people are glued to the internet these days to buy anything and everything. Increasingly, our shopping habits are moving into virtual space.

Buying from online stores is safe and secure. As long as you are buying from a trusted seller and buying certified diamond jewelry online it is indeed safe. The gold MUST be BIS hallmarked. This apprehension is understandable – as the value of the purchase rises, so too does the perception of risk should anything go wrong with an order.

Buying jewellery online is the most viable option in India:

Searching for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry online allows customers to fully research the jewelry on offer, being able to make comparisons and have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of the piece such as the setting, the quality of the diamond and the cut of the stone through reading online guides.

Market analysts suggest saving for consumers of as much as 25% through choosing a web-based transaction. Jewelry specialists enjoy communicating with their target audience on a global platform to show them the huge range of options available and at the same time offer discounts for making the leap to online shopping. 

In terms of building more customer's trust, for jewelry purchase people still want “wear at home service” and we do provide that service.