Delicious Hot Chocolate Mocha recipe

Delicious Hot Chocolate Mocha recipe

Who doesn't like a cup of hot chocolate during the winter months, especially at night? However, what day and what night for chocolate lovers! Let's see Hot chocolate recipes with a twist that we can relish this holiday season. So what are you waiting for, let us also start making it.

Hot chocolate and coffee create magic together. Mocha Hot Chocolate recipe is here to make your soul happy. 

Prep Time: 7 Minutes 

Making Time: 18 Minutes 

Serving Size: 3 cups


Three shot of espresso or 5 tsp instant coffee powder

450 ml milk 

8 tsp dark hot chocolate mix


Pour the shot of espresso and the dark hot chocolate mix into a cup and mix it together until the lumps are completely gone. 

In a pan, heat more or less milk as per your wish and pour it into the cup.

Alternatively, if you are using instant coffee powder, put the coffee powder and dark hot chocolate mix in a cup and pour 1 tbsp of hot milk over it and whisk well, so that the lumps are completely removed. Then add hot milk.

You can foam your mocha if you want.

Enjoy the chocolatey craziness!