Dancer and Comedian Manchu Dada had a fun session with the cast of Bengali film 'Antardhaan'

Dancer and Comedian Manchu Dada had a fun session with the cast of Bengali film 'Antardhaan'

We know him as the funny guy of the internet. Nihar Bagchi also known as our favorite Manchu Dada had a fun session interview with the Cast of Antardhaan. We caught him after his interview session with the cast and he shares his experience with us. 

Q: First of all congratulations for your cover music video “Haath ta dhore thaak”. 

Manchu Dada : Thank you! I Owe it to the original singer Suman Ruj for permitting me to do a dance cover music video. I Choreographed it in one day and People seem to love it. I Owe it to the audiences for giving me extreme love. 

Q: That’s really humble of you. People love your dance and comedy videos but you have done a fun interview promotional video for a Bengali film for the first time. How was the experience? 

Manchu Dada : It was one of the best experience of life. When I was offered to make this promotional video, I was so nervous thinking how will the actors react? secondly Seeing My favorite actors Rony Da, Param Da and Tanushree di in front of me made me more nervous. I briefed them the entire funny portions and they couldn’t control their laughter which gave me confidence. They reacted to the fun naturally. Also, They made me comfortable from the beginning.

Q: Has any of them watched your videos before?

Manchu Dada : Yes, all of them. Rony Da Told me I should try in Mirakkel next season. I couldn’t control my tears after this compliment. Param da is such a sweetheart and down to earth person. He knew nothing about me and he casually asked how did I begin my journey as an entertainer? I told him about my early days when I worked as a hawker inside local trains. Both Param da and Tanushree broke into tears, held my hand and told me “You inspire us to work more hard”. This is the best thing that has happened to me. I really want their film Antardhaan to work so that the Bengali film industy will revive after the pandemic. I would like to request people to watch the film in theatres from 10th Decemeber. 

Q : When will this promotional video air? And what are you doing next?

Manchu Dada : It will be on my youtube channel and facebook page from 6th or 7th December. I have just been offered to feature in a music video. By the grace of God, people’s love and my hard work, I want to keep on working and entertain people. 

You definitely will. We can’t wait for your next music video. We wish You All the best for your future endeavors. Shine on. Don’t forget to watch Antardhaan at a theatre near you from 10th December.