AJD's Siya Collection is becoming a favourite choice for the new era

AJD's Siya Collection is becoming a favourite choice for the new era

1. Tell us something about yourself. Also tell me where did your journey start?

My name is Anisha Desai. If we talk about the profession, then I am the starter of AJD brand. With very limited fashion knowledge but a great desire to pursue my passion, it inspired me to launch Amyra Jalak Desai (AJD). We are a label that is totally focused on specializing and custom tailoring bridal wears etc, as per the bride's hand, to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

If the traditional wedding is compared with the modern wedding, we have seen how in the olden days all eyes were only on the brides. However, today, the bride's sisters, mother and all other special relatives are seen wearing almost the same heavy outfits as the bridesmaids. Keeping this in mind, AJD makes the lehenga comfortable as well as adorable by keeping the needs of the bride paramount.

2. Tell us something about your entrepreneurial journey.

I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur and especially a mompreneur. After pursuing a career in finance, I never thought of launching AJD, but my passion inspired me to do so. We started AJD in the beginning of 2016, during which time only I was running and controlling the entire business. I didn't have any helpers at this time. I worked as an accountant, designer and market researcher and created guest relation. Or rather, I was a one man show till 2019. Slowly towards the end of 2019, when things started taking shape, the label started gaining more recognition. When orders kept pouring in, I realized it was the right time to expand the business.

Presently, the AJD is a family of 150 people, whose members are heading various verticals. It wasn't all that easy, but I found that brides are counting on me with the most important day of their life and I have to do all my best for them.

3. What is Siya? Please explain in detail.

Each AJD collection is unique in itself. If we talk about Siya, then this is one such collection, which is different. The name Siya signifies the spirit of helping others, One who loves to spread happiness everywhere. With a new collection, Siya, the bride will bring generosity and positivity into the home. Siya is all about white sarees. It's not completely white, but the mix of white with the color palette makes it stand out, and puts a stop to the red. We all use shades, but Sia is all about breaking up the monotony. Its collection includes saris and lehengas.

4. What do you think will be the bridal trends of 2022?

When it comes to wedding wear, bridal sarees and lehengas have taken a different turn altogether. We usually see brides dressed in dark red or pink color from head to toe. However, the year 2022 will set a new trend of mixing matching and trying new shades for a different and sober look.

5. What are your plans in the next 5 years?

I had never imagined myself launching fashionable clothes at AJD or leading a team of 150 people. Where AJD is today is because of the hard work and the immense faith that brides and their families put in us. With that same effort, hard work and belief, we want AJD to continue to grow and be the cause of doubling our team. We want AJD to be a well-known name when it comes to bridal wear, and AJD is the first name that comes to the mind of brides.