It's never too late to follow your passion says Hitendra Sharma

It's never too late to follow your passion says Hitendra Sharma


You might have heard from your elders to follow your passion but there are only few who are able to do so. It is one of the most common thing about Indian parents that they would say something and actually make you do something else. Hitendra Kumar is one such live example one can come across. After taking the science background in his academics he took admission in BSc and completed his graduation in 2016. But when it came to doing masters he chose to follow his passion. Luckily his parents supported him for his admission in the course of LLb and in 2019 he became a lawyer, the only dream he had ever dreamed of. An unexpected approach which no one could have ever imagined gave him the hope to reach the plaintiff of his field.

When asked what's next we got an amazing answer- “Knowledge has no end. My profession, as an Advocate, needs good conversation skills and thus i have also completed my Masters in English. It has certainly given me a good boost and i would still learn more and maybe do Masters in psychology next.” It is rare to see someone do something extra ordinary in his life and never stop studying even after becoming a lawyer. We all know how busy lawyers actually are and still managing time to gain out of syllabus knowledge is appreciable move. 

“There is nothing i should be appreciated for. Yes, i do have a busy schedule and have many clients for which i have to represent in court room but this pandemic have given me a lot of time too. I mean, why should i just stop here only? If i want more clients i should have global knowledge and there is no harm in gaining knowledge.” With confidence glaring from his face one can tell how successful he is in his field and how little he think of himself even after reaching such a great state in his life.


He told us how following passion is always beneficial no matter at what age you start to do so. Mr. Kumar thanked all the people that came in his life who have motivated him to follow his dream no matter how weak he felt. 

When asked when is he planning to settle down and start a family and get married an amazing answer was given which clearly showed how focused he is towards his work. “ Emotions and attachments are the only weakness in my profession. I have planned to stay alone and never settle for anything because that's how life is- Infinity.